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We follow all OSHA, DHS and EPA rules and regulations regarding lead paint. We will test all homes built prior to 1978 for lead paint. We will adhere to the following procedures on any home that tests positive for lead.

  • Any paint chips that come off in the process of washing will be removed from the area.
  • When scraping paint, the exterior base of the home will be surrounded with 6 mil poly tarp extending 10-20 feet out where possible. This will collect any paint chips or dust falling from the house. The poly will be disposed of upon completion of the work.
  • Wet scraping is the acceptable method of preparing the house. This is the process of spot wetting the area and scraping at the same time, ensuring that dust particles fall to the tarp below and are not air-borne.
  • Lead paint chips and dust will be disposed of in 6 mil poly trash bags, reducing the risk of punctures.
  • Signs will be posted to alert people to the lead based paint, and caution tape will prevent unnecessary visitors from entering the worksite.
  • The health of workers will be ensured by testing for lead levels in the blood before each painting season, and then later at the end of the painting season.
  • We will provide workers with OSHA approved face respirators with HEPA filters. These will be professionally tested to ensure a secure fit.
  • Workers will wear Tyvek body suits while scraping the house.

We acknowledge that these additional steps may inconvenience you. Our dedication to safety requires more time and expense in the completion of your project. The risk of lead poisoning is far too serious to ignore these precautions. As a homeowner, the decision to choose a contractor to remove/disturb lead paint is an important one. As a company, we’ve chosen to protect ourselves, our clients and the environment by following these procedures.


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