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Hand Painting

Twin City Painting is a hand painting contractor for exteriors in the Seattle and Portland area. We will never use a sprayer on your home. Years ago, hand painting was the only option for homeowners, and homes only needed painting every ten to twenty years. Now that hand painting is virtually obsolete, the average paint job barely lasts 5 years. Sprayers simply cannot achieve the same quality as an old-fashioned hand paint job. Our hand painting process is unique to the industry, and is markedly different than back rolling or back brushing. Why choose hand painting? There are a variety of reasons:

  • An even and consistent application
  • Paint applied by hand results in a film thickness (paint layer) that is twice as thick as a layer of sprayed paint
  • Hand painting allows us to use premium paint as it comes from the manufacturer. High quality paint often clogs spray equipment and must be thinned (often with water) for ease of application.
  • Paint and primer can be worked into the pores of the surfaces, which results in a much stronger bond (this cannot be achieved by spraying).
  • Hand painting is less wasteful. Up to 30% of the paint used in a spray job will blow away in overspray, which can also damage roof tiles, decks, windows, and landscaping .
  • Applying paint by hand requires we touch every inch of each home.
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